Iaorana lucky sailors & crew

Iaorana Yacht Services is pleased to welcome you to the wonderful Islands of Raiatea and Tahaa which lie in a stunningly beautiful Lagoon.

Cruising within this deep lagoon is easy and safe.

According to Polynesian legends, Raiatea is known as “Havai’i” the sacred, the marae of Taputapuatea was the political, cultural and religious center of the “Maohi civilisation”. The numerous legends and myths lend mystery and magic to the magnificent island not well known. You will discover many “motu” with superb white sand beaches, a lagoon with plentiful fishes of all colors, surrounded by the panorama of mountains with waterfalls and fertile valleys rich with fruits and vegetables and archaeological sites in the wilderness.

Iaorana Yacht Services’ mission statement is to make your stay as exciting and trouble free as possible.

We can provide information for you about all aspects which you might need for an enjoyable stay.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions or further informations.

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Nathalie Savon has been my yacht agent for nearly a year on my American flagged 44′ Catamaran “Counting Stars.” I have trusted her with projects big and small, including a complicated repositioning of my windlass which was expertly done. She has kept my boat safe from weather, repositioning her when needed. I am grateful to have her service, and it has made the preparation for my voyage much easier.